Plain Dealer Endorses McGinty
The Choice Here is Clear

"McGinty... has dramatically improved decision making at the prosecutor's office," notes The Cleveland Plain Dealer, adding, "He has earned our endorsement as well as your vote March 15." Click here to view the full endorsement on

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McGinty-O'Malley Not a Close Call

Click here to view Brett Larkin's recent editorial on in which he states, "McGinty is easily the clear choice in the Democratic Party primary race for Prosecutor."

28 Years as a Prosecutor & Judge
Fighting for Reform

Statement of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty

Dear Fellow Democrat,

My name is Tim McGinty and I serve as the Prosecutor for Cuyahoga County. I am running for re-election on March 15, 2016. If re-elected, I hope to continue to put the pursuit of justice in our community before politics and patronage.

Since 1993, I have served you as a Judge and now as your County Prosecutor. I made promises to you during my last campaign and the promises were kept.

Since 2012, the Prosecutor's office:
  • Targeted violent and habitual criminals who commit the majority of dangerous crimes.
  • I formed one of the nation's most successful Rape Kit Task Force to eliminate the backlog of 4,850 rape kits that were untested for decades.
  • Our Rape Kit Task Force will solve and prosecute 1,000 forgotten rape cases. Hundreds of serial rapists will finally be indicted. We are almost halfway to our goal of 1,000 rapes prosecuted!
  • Widespread public corruption problem will not be allowed to return.
  • We have committed over $1 million in criminal forfeiture. Half that money will be spent on dash cams being tested for Cleveland police cars. My goal is to have a dash cam for every patrol car and a body camera for every police officer in Cuyahoga County.
  • Tore down hundreds of abandoned homes that served as havens for crime and reduce the value of our neighborhoods.
  • Made it a professional office. Eliminated politics and patronage and hired only the most qualified candidates. We increased the number of minority prosecutors (+53%) and women prosecutors (+20%).
I am the only candidate for this office that has been elected five times countywide and has a successful 30-year record of putting your family's interests and safety first. I have helped lead the reform and improved the quality of justice we deliver.

Thank you again for the four times you supported my candidacy for Common Pleas Judge and now as County Prosecutor. I respectfully ask for your support in the March 15 Democratic Primary, so we can continue this important work. I promise to work hard every day to continue living up to your high expectations.


Timothy J. McGinty